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My Picks for Miss Jamaica World 2012

Today is the Grand Coronation of the Miss Jamaica World 2012 Competition so I thought I should share my 2 cents on who I believe should win and the qualities I believe our winner should have.

Well, being the strategist that I am, I believe I am able to pick the most suitable candidate with the most potential to bring home the Miss World crown. I've always got it right and I always will. I knew Sandra Foster, Lisa Hanna, Yendi, Sara and Terri-Karelle would have at least made it to the top 12 and they did.

Often times, we choose a girl who is great but not Miss World potential and there is nothing wrong with that but if we really want to take home the international crown, we have to start getting more strategic. Yes, all the girls will probably make great Miss Jamaica's but we have to remember we are seeking a Miss World.

I've watched the Miss World Competition for years now and the formula is simple. You cannot send a girl who has no chance of winning or placing in at least one of the fast track competitions. The fact is, the final question is the least of our problems if we don't make it to the finals. I'm sure you see where I am going with this? We have to be realistic. There will be hundreds of women competing and therefore our girl has to have a GREAT Body, a Nice Face, a Winning Smile, a PERSONALITY that shines, confidence, stage presence and must be able to walk well on stage and command the audience.

With that said, I see a lot of nice faces in this year's competition but even in the pics, they come off as shy. That wont cut it for the Miss World crown! I see bodies that are great for everyday lusting but not toned enough for the Miss World crown. I see girls who look nice but for some reason have no stage presence or command of the stage. That wont work for the Miss World crown as you have to be able to stand out among the bevy of beauties you'll be competing with. Also, your personality has to be memorable. These judges conduct interview with hundreds of women. How does your personality stand out from the rest? Well, there are other things I could touch like athleticism, talent and how photogenic the person is as that is needed for the sports, talent, and people's choice competitions respectively but I'll not even expound.

With that said, my top picks for the crown this year with the greatest chance or potential of bringing home the Miss World crown in this our 50th year of independence are as follows:

Trishauna Clarke

From all indications, viewing the photos, watching the interview and seeing her strut on stage, I will have to say she would be one of the top contenders with the ability to bring home that Miss World crown. Why? A personality that shines, A well-toned physique, Stage presence, confidence, a winning smile, photogenic and a nice face. She also earns extra brownie points as we can almost count on her to win the sports fast track competition since she is actually an athlete.

Winning Smile

Great Physique

 Good Walk and Poise

 Stage Presence and Command of Audience

Nice Face


                                                        A personality that shines

Chevell Powell-

For me, Chevell is absolutely beautiful but what she has is that WINNING smile. It is genuine and it makes her stand out. She too has the advantage of a good physique, Stage presence, Confidence, photogenic and a gorgeous face. I am told she is a dancer so that's where she earns her brownie points as that should definitely play a role in her confidence on stage and in front of the cameras, poise, fitness and physique. That could even work to our advantage and at least get her noticed by the judges in the talent segment.
The Winning Smile

 Good Physique



Stage Presence, Confidence and Poise

Nice Face

This Video shows her vibrancy and personality on stage

Dominique Williams-

This young lady may be underestimated and I say this solely by the comments or lack thereof when I browse the Miss Jamaica World Facebook Fanpage. She is, however, a force to be reckoned with. Her strengths are in her smile, her skin tone, her physique, confidence, and poise. I saw he on the smile Jamaica interview and I thought she handled herself pretty well. I'm not sure what it is exactly but she has that look in her pics that just captivates you. She has somethings that she could definitely work on but nothing that can't be fixed in time for the Miss World Pageant.

Good Physique-Toned

 Confidence, Poise and Stage Presence

Nice Face

Lauren MacKay-

I'm not going to say too much about this girl. She wasn't on my initial list but what really won me over was her meet the contestants' video. She has an exotic face for sure but it was her ease in speaking in front of the camera that I believe gave her brownie points with me. I do, however, think she has more work to do on her body, in terms of the lower part of her body- toning up and dropping just a few inches. But if she wins and is able to do the necessary work on her body then she could do well at Miss World. If she doesn't make it this year though, she should definitely take the year to work out in the gym and practise strutting her stuff on stage and she'll definitely be Miss world material in 2013.

The video won me over as it showed her vibrant personality

Those 4 I believe have the right combination of strengths at this point that could make us competitive on the international scene but in the areas that they are weak, they should be able to correct them in time for the Miss World Pageant.

will , however, highlight the other contestants that I believe will definitely make the Top 12 this evening and include my 2 cents and recommendations. The fact is, some of the other contestant would also be great candidates with the strengths they possess but the key is to have the right combination of strengths. You can't have a nice face, a nice smile, and yet have a lackluster body and/or a weak stage walk and presence or vice versa. Some things are just key ingredients to winning the international crown and that is where I believe our judges have erred over the years. Sometimes the average points system will lie but that's where logic should step in. The perfect final answer may not come from the person with the most potential of competing successfully in the Miss World Competition. 

Please Note: This analysis was based solely on the pictures I saw, the interviews I have watched along with seeing some of their stage presentations. I have not had the privilege of having a one on one conversation with any of the contestants.

Adrianna- This young lady is modelesque and, therefore, would be more suited for the Miss Jamaica Universe Pageant. She will, however, do well as she is athletic, she is a dancer and she is a model so that means she is no stranger to the stage and strutting her stuff. I am not too sure her body type would be competitive in the International leg of the Miss World Competition.....but I could be wrong!

Ava-Marie- I actually like Ava. She has a nice personality. She speaks and walks well and all the other good stuff. I'm sure that is why she had managed to cop the Miss Jamaica World Cornwall Crown. But on the international scene, I think she would get lost among the bevy of beauties not because she doesn't look good but because she has that girl next door kind of look when what is needed is a "look" that stands out.

Claudiann- I wish there was another competition she could enter because I absolutely love this chica. I do, however, think that her look (albeit cute and sexy) would not bring us home the crown. Then again, who knows? Just maybe she could. I definitely love her though.... 

Deanna- She doesn't initially pop at you which is what is really needed in competitions of this nature but she definitely has substance. She speaks well. She sounds intelligent and she is also a sports person which would prove advantageous in the Sports Fast Track Competition segment. She also has a nice smile. I'm not sure what exactly she is lacking (if anything) but the fact that she has all these qualities and still not resonating effectively with me is something to take note of. In fact, I watched her Smile Jamaica interview and she was one of the better communicators. I'm not sure if its her girl next door, shy look or the fact that her body needs a little more work in the gym which has downplayed her spark.

I'm actually getting a bit tired now so I wont be saying anything else on the other contestants but I'll just group the others in a category dubbed
Honourable Mentions:


Irkah- Bubbly and Outstanding personality. I would say more but I did say I was tired. But after watching her video though, I really liked her. 



I am no guru though I pretend to be but I do believe that if we get more strategic in choosing our local winners, we'll be able to bring home more international crowns. Anyway, good luck to all the girls and whoever wins, has my support. GO JAMAICA!!!!!!

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